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cumaceba lodge

It is located 80km from the city of Iquitos, sailing the Amazon River downstream. Near the mouth of the Napo River, whose source is in the part of the Equator.

It has 15 cabins fully protected against the entry of insects or mosquitoes, all with their own bathroom. Electric light from 18 to 22 hours, after that time the lighting is through solar energy. It has double, triple, matrimonial and quadruple cabins. Spacious living room and hammocks for rest and relaxation. A large and refreshing pool with area for children and adults. It is located on the banks of a stream or tributary of the Amazon River, in whose waters during the rainy season from December to July there are interesting canoe trips, observing birds, flora and doing the fun fishing of catfish, sardines and voracious piranhas.

The botanical environment is impressive since it has many plants with medicinal power that the ribereños continue using them to cure their ailments, such as cat's claw, clove huasca, uvos, garlic sacha, grade blood, capirona, guayaba, chiriczanango and the ancestral Ayahuasca.

It has a large round hut with a diameter of 15 meters in the "MALOCA YAGUA" style specially designed for the ritual ceremony of the Ayahuasca. This Eco Lodge can be rented to groups that wish to perform these ceremonies privately for the necessary time. We have all the necessary clothing.

Our BILINGUAL and STAFF GUIDES are born from the Amazonian rivera, with this we guarantee a quality service since they are very knowledgeable about the secrets of the jungle. In the contour of a nocturnal fire will transmit stories and myths of the jungle.

The area of ​​flora and fauna under the control and protection of this Eco Lodge is approximately 55 hectares, being a natural reserve since the year 2000.