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Iquitos, capital of the department of Loreto, in Peru, South America, is part of the Amazonian Forest, considered like one of the main natural reserves of the world and tourists paradise.

"A few hectares of Peruvian Amazon Rainforest can contain as many plant species as the whole of Europe".

Enjoy with us the wonders and adventures in the forest, our tourist shelters, guided visits, exotic animals, native communities. In Cumaceba Lodge, prepare yourself to meet the enchantments of our country.

One of the best nature travel destinations in the world including 100% ecological built jungle lodges on the Amazon River.


Its gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the Amazon Basin and it's remarkable ecosystem. Throughout my life I have never ceased to be amazed at how the rich this area is. How many plants species and animals exist here in an environment that perfectly matches every species needs. I was born in Iquitos but several days later my parents decided to move down the Amazon to farm on its banks 5 hours from Iquitos. My grand parents were producing the famous sugar beat rum, and it's fantastic medicinal derivatives such a melaza.

 And there we lived in the town of Yana Mono which is 1958 had a population of 150 people. I grew up learning and living the secrets and mysteries of the Amazon. I remember traveling with my older brothers to school, it was not an easy trip and much of it through the jungle. We then returned to help my parents later in the day with the farm. My father was keen on growing tobacco and people would travel from the surrounding areas to visit him and sit and talk.

 All of us who live here are indeed fortunate to live an area where every plant and tree has such diversity. Where we can use this rich bio system to cure ailments without the use of science but from the tradition and experiences of our forefathers and mother nature. I am a lover of the Amazon and when we had an opportunity to develop a program of tourism, I was delighted to be able show just how important this area is to the whole World. I sincerely hope you give us the opportunity to share some of the secrets and mysteries of the Amazon. We will welcome you as friends.

Ricardo Pinedo Guerra.